Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's Official: I'm going to be Culinary Arts Student!

I recently discovered that my undergraduate Alma mater, the University of Richmond, offers a Culinary Arts Certificate Program through their School of Continuing Studies.  After careful consideration and a few nights of psyching myself up, I have decided to enroll in the 13 session program!  My goal is to graduate by June 2011 but we'll have to see how that goes...

The Program

The first course and prerequisite for the rest of the offerings is called "Tools of the Trade" which will take an in-depth look at the equipment and ingredient staples you'll find in a professional kitchen.  I have enrolled in the November 20th session and can't wait!  More details will follow once I've taken it.

After that course, I will get to take 4 "core" courses of my choice and then 4 additional electives of my choice.  I plan to focus on the savory verses the sweet taking courses such as "Stocks and Sauces", "Herbs & Spices", and "Fish and Shellfish Identification, Prep, Cookery"

At the end of the program I will be reviewed by a certified chef and then participate in a graduation ceremony :)  I will also then be eligible to take Advanced Special Series courses that focus on specific cuisines.

The Wrap-up

I am not really sure where all of this will take me but I am very excited to get started and learn everything I can.  It will be great exposure to the world of culinary arts and give me some experience to point to as I begin to try and venture into this big bad world of gourmet cooking.  Thank you for joining me along this journey and wish me luck!

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